September 19, 2021

Victory for Italy at the Euro: ‘It’s too good!’

The Squadra Azzura victorious after extra time and a shootout, (1-1, 3 tabs to 2), Italy’s second victory at the Euro, after the 1968 coronation: ‘E nostra!’, ‘ She is ours! ‘, Exults theCorriere dello Sport, evoking the ‘English knockout’, ‘the tears of joy’ of the Italian coach, Roberto Mancini, and the jubilation of his compatriots, who took to the streets last night to celebrate the event. ‘Troppo bello’, ‘it’s too beautiful’: the Gazzetta dello Sport Still rubs his eyes and pursues the daydream: ‘We are grown up, and this is only the beginning,’ the newspaper promises. ‘We were stronger than the wishes of Queen Elizabeth, the encouragement of Boris Johnson and the supportive phone call made by Tom Cruise (to the English), because this time the impossible mission had been entrusted to Italian actors’ , has fun everyday. The print has no more limits: ‘Europe is us’. ‘Italy is European champion. How sweet it is to write it, how sweet to hear it. Italy is European champion, let us repeat it again. Thanks to a great team, thanks to a champion, goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma, Italy has just won the European Renaissance Championship, ‘the newspaper wants to believe.

On the English side, the dailies are showing good players, despite the disappointment. Despite the tears and the ‘broken hearts’, the English press displays its stoicism, even its fatalism, The Times going so far as to evoke a supposed ‘curse of penalties’, which would pursue England, during major international competitions. ‘It hurts but we’re so proud of you’, headline The Daily Express, whose fair play is combined with hope: ‘We are desperate but our turn will come’. An optimism shared by The Sun, who expresses his ‘pride’ in the Lions and tries to console them: ‘England are still losing on penalties, but don’t worry guys, the World Cup is only next year’.

Also on the front page this morning, growing concern about the rapid spread of Covid-19 variants. As the tourist season starts in Europe, professionals and holidaymakers alike are worried about the possible return of health restrictions – a subject on which French President Emmanuel Macron will also speak this evening, according to The cross. For their part, laboratories remain mobilized to fight against mutations in the virus, like Pfizer / BioNTech, whose founders gave an interview to Les Échos. An interview where they ensure they have a process that allows, if necessary, to produce a new vaccine ‘within a hundred days’. In the meantime, states are working hard to speed up vaccination and in Israel, which was already at the forefront in this area, The Jerusalem Post reports that immunocompromised people are now eligible to receive a third dose of the vaccine, to compensate for their declining effectiveness over time.

Finally in Afghanistan, the government is asking European countries to stop deporting Afghan migrants for the next three months. According to Le Figaro, the Afghan Ministry of Refugees and Repatriation justified this request by ‘the escalation of violence by (the Taliban) and the spread of the third wave of coronavirus, (which) created a major economic and social disorder’ . A situation which suggests an increase in the number of Afghan refugees in the EU, where they represented more than 10.5% of asylum seekers in 2020the second contingent, behind the Syrians.