September 19, 2021

Health pass: Marine Le Pen endorses a forum judging freedom ‘threatened’

Marine Le Pen endorsed, Thursday, July 15, a forum co-signed by Les Républicains MEP François-Xavier Bellamy and Senator Les Centristes Loïc Hervé, who deem freedom in France ‘seriously threatened’ after recent measures taken to fight against the Covid-19.

‘This analysis is perfectly correct and I share it,’ tweeted the president of the National Rally and candidate for the Élysée, publishing the forum without displaying the name of the signatories.

‘The real historic break for our model of society dates from last Monday (July 12), with the measures announced by the President of the Republic’, write the MEP LR and the Senator of the Centrists in a text released Wednesday evening on the site from Journal Le Figaro .

To counter the progression of a very contagious variant, Emmanuel Macron has made the vaccination of caregivers compulsory and imposed the presentation of a health pass in most public places.

The two elected officials stress that ‘to oppose the health pass is not to be anti-vaccine’, but they contest ‘the mass strategy’ chosen for vaccination, which ‘seems to them to be beyond any measure’ and is, according to them, part of the ‘ unreason ‘.

‘A challenge of civilization’

‘Why should a teenager who is at absolutely no risk from the coronavirus be vaccinated, on the grounds that the elderly must be protected, if they are vaccinated?’, They ask.

‘If the government is certain that general vaccination is absolutely essential, then it should (…) make it compulsory,’ they argue, without sharing this hypothesis. ‘It would be (…) a fairer decision.’

‘We will be told that we must choose between the health pass and generalized confinement: but this blackmail is absurd’, add François Bellamy and Loïc Hervé. ‘Once the most vulnerable are vaccinated, there is no reason to return to containment.’

Freedom is ‘seriously threatened today’ and there is ‘a challenge of civilization’ in the face of ‘authoritarian models which are triumphing elsewhere in the world’, they conclude.

Scientists recommend vaccinating 90% of the population to get out of the epidemic. Currently, only a good half of French people have received a first dose, and about 40% the full regimen.