September 19, 2021

Emmanuel Macron’s speech: ‘Vaccinated, vaccinated’

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On the front page of the press, the reactions to the speech, Monday evening, by Emmanuel Macron, who announced the obligation for caregivers to be vaccinated, and the extension of the health pass.

‘Macron wants to vaccinate France’:Today in Franceannounces a summer of mobilization against the delta variant of Covid-19. ‘The vaccine is THE solution to the epidemic and there is therefore no more to procrastinate’, approves the newspaper. ‘Immediate mobilization! Certainly, a wave is coming, but we now have a dam, the vaccine and there is no more a minute to lose ‘,Le Figarojustifies the presidential strategy: ‘Control more, to continue to protect and preserve as many freedoms as possible’. ‘Macron hardens his tone’: ‘After betting on his capacity for conviction, the head of state has resorted to coercion’, ‘the reply has changed’, notesL’Opinion, where Kak’s drawing shows Emmanuel Macron ready to board at the airport, with his reform projects: ‘No health passport, no boarding’, warns the customs virus. Faced with the rapid spread of the Delta variant, the president has a new mantra, according to Coco, whose cartoon is published byRelease: ‘Vaccinated, vaccinated’.

The change in presidential tone is greeted with skepticism byHumanity. The newspaper evokes a ‘renunciation’ of the principle of ‘convincing rather than coercing’, in particular caregivers, that the president would take the risk of ‘overwhelming, after 18 months of a pandemic’. ‘There is a danger that, for lack of vaccinated caregivers, the real subject will become the lack of caregivers’ quite simply ‘, as their jobs are poorly paid, their working conditions unworthy and unacceptable,’ warns L’Huma. Too many constraints or not enough? In an interview withRelease, Doctor Jean Charlet, former head of the intensive care unit, believes that ‘to impose the vaccine only on caregivers is very insufficient’ and defends the extension of the vaccination obligation to all over 12 years.

The extension of the health pass is also causing concern.The Parisianrelays the reservations expressed, in particular, by restaurateurs, cinemas managers, and shopping center managers – who point the finger, among other things, at the lack of personnel to control the passes and say they fear both a desertion of customers and endless queues. Despite these criticisms, Emmanuel Macron’s intervention seems to have acted as an electric shock.La Dépêche du Midireports the saturation, a few minutes, only after his speech of online meeting platforms to be vaccinated against Covid-19.

Elsewhere in Europe, compulsory vaccination also seems to be gaining ground. ‘In a few days, the health wind has completely turned. The pressure increases on those who refuse the ‘piquouze’: the Belgian newspaperThe eveningcites the cases of Italy, where health workers already have no choice, and the United Kingdom, which will make vaccination compulsory for all staff in retirement homes.

In his speech, Emmanuel Macron also returned to his reform projects, ten months from the end of his mandate. On Form,Releasejudge ‘shifted’ the ‘pre-campaign speech’ delivered yesterday, as the country faces a health crisis. Basically, the newspaper curls up how the president would have ‘used the moment to castigate the lazy, sing the praises of industrialization and praise his pension reform’ – which he said to postpone, but not to give up, by ‘calling the French to project themselves into the future, which he described in almost caricatural terms of the liberal right ‘. A program too liberal for Libé, not enough forThe echoes, who judge that ‘on the economic and social side, the Head of State is more on the side of the carrots than the stick’. ‘Clearly, the’ whatever it costs’ has not given way to ‘how much it costs’, regrets the newspaper. Anyway, if the president decides to maintain his reform projects and if the French decide to oppose them, it will be necessary to take into account, from now on, the new health restrictions – to see, finally, with the drawing of Ranson forThe Parisian: ‘He said what?’ Asks a Frenchman in front of Emmanuel Macron’s intervention on TV. ‘That if we want to demonstrate against the pension reform, we will need a health pass,’ replies his wife.

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