June 25, 2022

In ‘The kings of the Yukon

The lads prosecuted had defined that the ‘chinook’ fishery was deeply rooted of their traditions. Historical past left such an impression on the British journalist that he determined to analyze this fish.

4 years later, he embarked aboard his canoe to sail 3,000 km on the Yukon River, from its supply in Canada, the place fish spawn, to its mouth on the American facet, on the Pacific coast, and in from ‘The Kings of the Yukon’ (ed. Albin Michel). The guide is midway between a travelogue, an ecological survey and a group of testimonies with an anthropological dimension.

All through the journey, Adam Weymouth describes a wild and plush nature, a return to the nice outdoor and his encounters with the inhabitants who stay on the river, specifically members of the First Nations. They inform him about their very shut bond with the king salmon, its significance of their traditions and the unity of tribes and households. The guide vividly reveals how a lot man relies on nature and the way the destruction of nature can solely hurt mankind.