September 20, 2021

TikTok star Leo González fuses comedy and culture for laughter and healing

HANFORD, Calif. — At a park within the Central California city of Hanford, California, Leo González is laughing in regards to the skit he is about to file with a good friend to put up on TikTok.

One in every of his latest TikToks racked up greater than 11 million views and practically two and half million likes, and that is not a rarity.

The most recent TikTok star is a bilingual creator from California’s Central Valley who has caught the eye of celebrities like Will Smith, Marshmello and George Lopez and gained greater than 1.3 million followers and greater than 40 million likes in lower than two years.

González discovered success doing point-of-view movies that blend his comedy and culture into on a regular basis conditions.

In a single video captioned “When the cashier puts your order on blast,” he performs a Mexican restaurant employee calling out somebody for their huge order. In one other, he performs a quinceañera DJ on the mic making an attempt to get the eye of a lady on the occasion.

His large break got here when impersonated a Univision anchor and reporter.

“I was impersonating a news anchor, and then a reporter on the field, and just the delay,” González mentioned, explaining the joke. “I went from 11 followers to 5,000 that day.”

Lower than two years later, he is mixing it up with producer and DJ Marshmello and his private hero, George Lopez, to whom González bears a resemblance. That is not the one factor that bonds them.

“Early on, it was a little difficult for me. My dad had moved out and my mom was really sick. The sadness that I had as a kid — I didn’t really have a personality, I didn’t really have an identity, and so watching George Lopez made me feel like I could be funny about certain things.” González mentioned of his childhood love for “The George Lopez Show.”

“It was this guy who had a mom who was interesting on the show. She was a little messy, and then he had no dad at home. So when I saw the show, I saw this guy who was telling his actual life story in a sitcom,” he mentioned.

González’s TikTok fame would result in mentorship and friendship with Lopez after they recorded a TikTok collectively. González was in a position to inform Lopez nose to nose how a lot Lopez meant to him.

“TikTok gave me an opportunity to sit with just him. It’s really cool because he was a mentor without knowing it, and then now he’s really personally doing it, which is out of body,” González mentioned.

González mentioned he desires to pay it ahead and encourage the following era. He is moved to Los Angeles to pursue his profession.

“I’ve been trying to be at the main table with everybody else,” González mentioned, including that he was one of many solely Latinos within the room throughout a latest video shoot with the vastly well-liked Marshmello. “I’ve been trying to bridge Latinos with everyone else.”

González hopes his comedy might help convey individuals collectively as a result of he thinks there’s a number of healing in laughter.

“I just hope that we can laugh together. And then after we’re done laughing, maybe we can stick around and talk about what we’re scared of and talk about what worries us because then I think the laughter gets even better when you clear things,” he mentioned. “And when you laugh, while healing or healed, I think it’s a better laugh.”

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