December 8, 2021

Texas man strips off clothing at school board meeting to express thoughts on masks

DRIPPING SPRINGS, Texas — As masks mandates have spurred heated debates at school board conferences nationwide, one Texas man took a daring strategy to displaying his help: He stripped down to his swim trunks.

The stunt occurred throughout a meeting Monday for the Dripping Springs Impartial School District, close to Austin.

James Akers, a 15-year resident of Dripping Springs, began the 90 seconds he was allotted throughout public feedback by saying he had three youngsters undergo the school district and one other at the moment in excessive school.

“I’m here to say I do not like government, or any other entity telling me what to do,” Akers started. “But, sometimes I’ve got to push the envelope a little bit, and I’ve just decided that I’m going to not just talk about it, but I’m going to walk the walk.”

As he continued his dialogue concerning the legal guidelines in place, Akers started to take off items of clothing.

“At work, they make me wear this jacket. I hate it. They make me wear this shirt and tie. I hate it,” he mentioned. “On the way over here I ran three stop signs and four red lights. I almost killed somebody out there. But, by God, it’s my roads too. So I have every right to drive as fast as I want to.”

He alluded to masks opposition and sarcastically talked about driving via three cease indicators and 4 purple lights on his manner to the meeting and parking in a handicap house. “I almost killed somebody out there, but by God, it’s my roads, too, so I have every right to drive as fast as I want to,” he mentioned.

“It’s simple protocol people,” he continued, by now having eliminated his pants and standing earlier than the school board members in a swimsuit.

“We follow certain rules for a very good reason,” he mentioned, earlier than his time ran out.

Board President Barbara Stroud addressed the stunt, which drew a mixture of gasps, laughter and cheers from the group.

“Mr. Akers, I understand, I believe you’re a swimmer, but if you wouldn’t mind putting your pants back on for a comment that would be appreciated,” she mentioned.

Akers certainly put his pants again on as two district cops stood close by, earlier than strolling away shirtless to minor applause.

Akers additional elaborated about his intent with Austin station KXAN Tuesday, saying it was “an easy message.”

“There are too many voices out there that I think are digging in for political reasons, and absolutely just not thinking about the common-sense decisions we make every day to comply with everything from driving down the road and being safe and courteous to other drivers, to not parking in handicapped spots,” he informed the station. “All these rules that we’re given every day that we follow because they make sense, and we know ourselves that it makes sense for the community.”

ABC Information contributed.