December 3, 2021

Stories of resilience, survival, reflection make up new NatGeo documentary series ‘9/11: One Day in America’

LOS ANGELES — Dozens of tales of resilience make up the new documentary “9/11: One Day in America.” The series takes a deep dive into the heroism we noticed on that day, recounting what occurred 20 years in the past, at instances minute by minute – by means of first-person narratives of the primary responders and survivors.

Filmmakers spent greater than three years interviewing 54 folks and studying their private tales.

“You end up developing a relationship and a rapport through these first person accounts. That’s really the primary purpose is to be able to build empathy, to humanize the events verses kind of thinking of them in a geo-political way, which has kind of become the narrative as time has gone on,” stated Govt Producer TJ Martin.

‘I believe we had been eager to take a step again and make certain that it was very a lot individuals who skilled that day had their voices heard,” said Executive Producer Caroline Marsden.

To create this docuseries, the filmmaking team sifted through almost 1,000 hours of archival footage – some of it, never seen before.

“I believe the factor I am most proud of is with the ability to create an area for many who had the braveness to share their tales and honor these narratives,” stated Martin.

The series begins Sunday, Aug. 29, at 9p/8p and can air over 4 consecutive nights on Nationwide Geographic. Episodes will even be obtainable subsequent day on Hulu.