November 30, 2021

‘Queen of Tape’ shows off her new project in her first-ever exhibition

CHICAGO — Artist Anna Dominguez, also called “Queen of Tape,” has displayed a new piece made fully of duct tape on the home windows of the John Hancock constructing in Chicago for her first-ever exhibition.

The 360 Chicago Statement Deck shall be internet hosting the exhibit in addition to displaying some of Dominguez’s hottest artwork items, one of them together with the Serena Williams portrait.

“I am working with my medium tape and for the first time I am also working on glass. I usually work on wooden panels,” mentioned Dominguez.

The piece known as “Fix You” portrays photos and messages associated to the dialog surrounding psychological well being. The 360 Chicago Statement Deck invitations the general public to see the artwork work up till November.

Robby Nichols, advertising and marketing supervisor for 360 Chicago, mentioned they host a sequence of Chicago artists in their house. He mentioned Dominguez caught their eye for her specialty in making artwork with duct tape.

“What I want people to take away from this is that you now mental health affects everyone at some point in all different kind of levels,” mentioned Dominguez.

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