December 8, 2021

Pennsylvania, Texas schools connected by kindness after Hurricane Harvey, Ida devastation

FORT WASHINGTON, Pa — When Hurricane Harvey hit Houston in 2017, it devastated Kingwood Excessive Faculty.

Throughout the nation in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania, Higher Dublin Excessive Faculty determined to assist Kingwood get well.

Little did both college know, an Higher Dublin alum was truly residing in Houston and sending her youngsters to Kingwood.

Mary Neuman, the mother, instantly reached out to Higher Dublin to thank them and was then launched to math trainer Mary Anna Swart, who had coordinated the hassle.

Final September, Higher Dublin was hit by a twister and sustained related injury that Kingwood had 4 years prior. Kingwood college students remembered how Higher Dublin had helped them and determined to return the kindness with fundraisers.

As soon as once more, the hassle was coordinated by Swart and Neuman, two neighbors from throughout the nation now ceaselessly connected by kindness.

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