May 16, 2022

One Couple embarks on a Fermented Adventure of food, drinks

NORRISTOWN, Pa — Wealthy Shane and Daybreak Ranieri began what they name ‘The Fermented Adventure three years in the past.

They’ve tried every part fermented objects from vodka, rum, gin, whiskey, bourbon, beer and even BBQ sauce and pickles.

“Its talking to people and they tell us about their favorite places and things they might have had experiences they had and we decide to go”, says Wealthy.

They’ve gone to over 750 locations on the planet making an attempt varied drinks and meals.

“We look at life as an adventure and new opportunities and new experiences and new people to meet along the way”, says Shane.

They’ve since turned their journey into a podcast known as ‘The Fermented Adventure.

Shane defined, “Dawn said to me you like talking to people, you like listening to podcasts, why don’t you make this a podcast?”.

However for the couple its not concerning the likes and listens, “its about the craft and what people are doing”.

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