December 8, 2021

NSYNC’s Lance Bass says guest-hosting ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ is ‘a dream come true’

NEW YORK — For NSYNC star Lance Bass, he says guest-hosting “Bachelor in Paradise” is a dream come true.

“When ABC asked me to host it, I kind of freaked out, I tried to play it cool, but I’m the biggest fan of the ‘Bachelor’ franchise, especially ‘Bachelor in Paradise,’ I just watch it religiously, so knowing that I was going to step onto that beach was a dream come true,” Bass stated.

Each “Bachelor Nation” fan has their favourite contestants and one in every of Bass’ favorites was already on the island when he arrived.

“I was really hoping Grocery Store Joe would be there, and he was, yay!” Bass stated.

He says prepped for his time as visitor host by watching the previous season of “The Bachelorette” with Katie Thurston and stated, “James, Aaron, Thomas, Conner, Tre, were just all fresh meat. They had no idea how they appeared on the show so of course selfishly I was hoping Thomas would come in because I knew that the drama would ensue.”

Bass needed to play a little bit of catchup coming in proper after David Spade kicked off the primary two weeks of the present.

“They don’t really tell you anything, they keep it so secretive. As host, you want to be a soundboard to these contestants as much as possible. I love that they’re letting us go into Paradise and talk to these contestants,” Bass stated.

He stated his major goal was to assist the contestants maintain their relationships going and fire up love.

“I hope it was good advice because I would hate to convince someone to stay in something that they knew was not going to be good,” he stated.

The worst a part of the expertise for him is, “It’s miserably hot and they add TV lights to it.”

However as an leisure star, not a lot about filming shocked him however he did discover one factor surprising.

“So many cameras going at one time to capture the action and there was so much action,” Bass stated. “My first episode that aired, I was surprised because all my stuff basically got cut out! There was such good stuff happening that they didn’t even use my interviews.”

Final week, Bass hosted his first dinner date for Riley and Maurissa, “They loved everything we fed them, it was a good date!”

This Monday, issues crumble as one hopeless romantic learns the thing of his affection visited the Growth Growth Room with another person and Bass provides his greatest recommendation to a lady who’s dying for her man to make a transfer.

Do not miss “Bachelor in Paradise” this Monday at 8 p.m. EDT. Episodes may also be considered the following day on demand and on Hulu.