September 20, 2021

In New York, mobile units to speed up the vaccination campaign

In this predominantly African-American neighborhood, barely 50% of the inhabitants are fully vaccinated.

City authorities have therefore set up mobile units in these neighborhoods to encourage residents to get vaccinated. In Fordham Plaza, in the Bronx, residents line up in front of a bus where nurses administer their doses of vaccine.

In New York City, children over 12 are eligible for the vaccine. Corally Camargo is a single mother. Her daughter, Carolyn, 12, has just received her second dose of the Pfizer vaccine. “The kids go back to school, they go to class and settle down. I want to make sure they’re all protected, ”says Corally.

Carolyn received her first dose at the Bronx Zoo where the free vaccination is available several days of the week.

Desiree Mitchell, a school canteen worker, was nervous about receiving her first dose of Covid-19. It was her husband who convinced her and she promised to get the vaccine.

In the metro and in the streets, posters translated into several languages promote vaccination. At Grand Central Station, a metro ticket is offered in exchange for a dose of the vaccine.

Founder of the National Center for Disaster Reduction, Irwin Redlener is concerned about the spread of variants and calls on authorities not to let their guard down: ‘Variants, and particularly the Delta variant, are a major problem today. This worries me because I think we are reopening a little too soon, schools in particular, when the situation is not yet under control, ‘said the doctor. ‘70% of New Yorkers have received at least one dose of the vaccine, which is good enough, but children under 12 cannot be vaccinated. And it is not compulsory for teachers. We are still under a threat that we cannot yet control. ‘