December 8, 2021

Mom of Matthew Jaffe, soldier holding baby in viral Afghanistan photo, says it was relief to see his smiling face

NEW YORK — Amid the tragedy and chaos out of Afghanistan got here a heartwarming {photograph} that has gone viral for the tender method a U.S. Marine is seen caring for a baby.

The Marine in that picture is Sgt. Matthew Jaffe, and he’s the son Meryl Jaffe, a stage supervisor at our sister station WABC-TV.

In the course of the disaster, Meryl has been lucky sufficient to hold in contact along with her son and ensure he’s protected.

She bravely shared that he was not injured in Thursday’s Kabul airport assault that left a dozen U.S. service members useless.

Younger dad-to-be was amongst 13 US troops killed in Kabul Airport assault

Individuals who had been caring for the baby in the {photograph} requested Matthew to hold holding him as a result of his smile was giving the baby an enduring second of pleasure throughout the disaster.

Meryl says that smiling is her son’s “superpower.”

“In just seeing that moment that … even though I’m sure there is chaos around him, he saw that baby needed something to make him laugh and to feel, I guess, secure,” Meryl Jaffe mentioned.

Meryl needs all navy households to know they aren’t alone and there may be help for households with family members serving our nation in harmful places.

The toddler in the picture with Matthew has since been reunited with his father.

Our ideas are with Meryl, Matthew and all of the U.S. service members nonetheless deployed.