October 16, 2021

Meat prices fueling inflation, taking huge bite out of Bay Area budgets

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — Prior to now 12 months, the American economic system has weathered the pandemic, then layoffs and furloughs because the nation locked down or overhauled how companies function. Now there is a new blow: Inflation.

The Shopper Value Index rose 5.4% in September. A key issue for the sharp improve in inflation is meals prices. Beef and rooster particularly have created misery for customers at meat markets and grocery shops.

Bob Strupeni has been a butcher for 44 years. Has it ever been this dangerous? “No, I’ve never seen it like this in all the years I’ve been doing this,” he stated.

The meat supervisor at Piazza’s in San Mateo, he has seen beef prices bounce $3 to $4 per pound lately. Nationally, meat prices have gone up 12% previously 12 months.

“I’ve noticed some of the trend of hamburgers and lower cut meats are selling a little more than usual, but that’s understandable,” he stated.

Rooster was a superb finances stretcher, however not anymore. ABC7’s Liz Kreutz discovered a bundle of rooster in Marin County priced at over $20 or $11.79 per pound.

Francisco Ayala is the proprietor of Chico’s Taqueria in San Mateo. Rooster was his #1 vendor, however as prices inched up, clients have switched to beef.

“Chicken is overpriced,” Ayala stated. “We used to pay $40, 50 bucks. Now it’s $100 a case.”

Nevertheless, his beef prices have additionally soared, doubling from $200 to $400 to make a pot of his buyer favourite, birria.

Shoppers corresponding to Nancy Graham are shocked how grocery payments have skyrocketed.

“Double from the last two weeks,” she stated. Requested whether or not it hurts, she replied, “yes, and it changes some of my menu. That’s what I thought I was going to buy, then I look at it. It was $12, now it’s $24.”

Transport prices are half of the rationale.

“They’ve gone I’ve heard anywhere from $7,000 to $15,000 for the same container to ship things from overseas,” stated Piazza’s retailer supervisor David Pinochi.

Considerations have additionally been raised about consolidation in processing crops in different components of the nation, decreasing value competitors.