December 8, 2021

Marvel’s ‘Hawkeye’ flies to Disney+ for new series starring Jeremy Renner, Hailee Steinfeld

Jeremy Renner is returning to considered one of his most-well recognized roles. He is the most recent Avenger to get a new series on Disney+ primarily based on his Marvel character, “Hawkeye.”

And, he is in good firm! Hailee Steinfeld performs his new protégé, Kate Bishop.

The present begins proper off with coronary heart, humor and the vacations.

Steinfeld is glad to be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

“We sort of jumped right into this thing,” she mentioned. “And I felt very lucky to have Jeremy by my side to do this, all his support and his guidance, you know? As an Avenger, he has been in this world for over 10 years. I was able to look to him anytime I needed and he made himself very available.”

Within the series, Renner’s character is a loyal dad. So devoted, you may say, he takes his youngsters to a Broadway present primarily based on Marvel’s Captain America.

“It was a kind of an idea that was hemming and hawing around and I loved it,” Renner mentioned, “And I said, ‘Can it actually happen and, and how it’s come about?’ I mean, it’s ended up being one of the biggest selling points for me to, to want to move forward in the story and how it’s going to be expressed. But, you know, when you have that kind of sense of humor about itself in the storytelling, you know, you’re in the right story. And so it’s why Marvel succeeds, so well, I believe.”

The storytelling is essential. But in addition, these stunts! Steinfeld liked each may of that half.

“I grew up playing sports and being physically active. And I love that this was a role that required me to, you know, train, not only physically but mentally to prepare for something like this,” she mentioned. “I mean, I get to play a character who is highly skilled at a lot of different things. And she’s self-taught, really, so I had to, at the very least, take it upon myself to get my act together.”

“Hawkeye” is streaming now on Disney+.

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