September 20, 2021

Learn surf lingo with cast of ABC’s ‘The Ultimate Surfer’ | EXCLUSIVE

Utilizing surf lingo is second-nature to a surfer, so whether or not you partake within the sport or are only a fan, it is essential to know the fundamentals. The cast of ABC’s competitors present “The Ultimate Surfer” is giving a lesson in surf slang on this unique clip.

“Dawn patrol” means to catch early-morning waves. “Froth” is one other widespread time period and is used to explain surf pleasure. A “kook” is an individual who isn’t good at one thing.

“It’s not really anything that pertains to surfing. You can be a kook out of the water,” surfer Austin Clouse stated.

A “barrel” describes a tube or the curl of the wave. There are tons of phrases to explain browsing within the barrel, together with: “getting barreled,” “getting drained,” “getting the tube” and “hanging in the greenroom.”

“Charging” means to agressively go for a wave. An “a-frame” describes a wave formed like a peak.

Crucial flip in browsing is the “bottom turn,” a flip on the backside of the wave. A “carve” is a pointy activate a wave.

Now it is time to put your newfound information to the check. Attempt to decode this sentence from professional surfer and particular correspondent Kelly Slater: “A frothing kook got pitted on an a-frame after he did a carve.”

“The Ultimate Surfer” airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT | 9 p.m. CT on ABC, with the season finale airing Sept. 21.