September 19, 2021

Joe Biden advocates voting rights law rejected by Republicans

He knew he was expected at the turn, especially by civil rights activists: in an energetic speech, Joe Biden accused, Tuesday, July 13, the Republicans of carrying out an ‘attack on democracy’ by trying to ‘undermine’ the right to vote .

Across the country, several Republican-controlled states have passed laws designed to either restrict access to voting or change electoral rules – changes that followed accusations by former President Donald Trump who spoke out, without proof, a vast electoral fraud to his detriment during the presidential election last November.

By focusing on this subject, and even if the bill is defeated in Congress, Joe Biden aims to rally the Democratic electorate ahead of the ‘midterms’ next year – his party intends to keep, at the after this election, control of the two chambers of Congress.

Speaking during a trip to Philadelphia, the White House tenant criticized what he described as efforts to undermine the franchise. He linked these efforts to old laws that prevented African Americans and women from voting.

Measures Targeting Black, Hispanic and Youth Voters

‘They want to make it so difficult (…), thus hoping that people don’t vote at all. That’s what it is, ‘said Joe Biden.

Civil rights groups have voiced opposition to electoral restrictions in those US states – measures they say target black, Hispanic and youth voters traditionally pro-Democratic.

Many Republicans have assured that these new restrictions were intended to fight against fraud, even though electoral experts consider that it is rare in the country.

Republican senators blocked passage of a Democrat-backed bill intended to expand the possibilities of voting ahead of ‘D-Day’, make campaign donations more transparent and change the process of dividing up districts.