October 15, 2021

Grocery store shortage 2021: White House expected to make announcement on addressing supply chain issues

PHILADELPHIA — Port delays, COVID-19 outbreaks and employee shortages proceed to stifle the circulation of merchandise throughout the area and the nation.

As congestion at main ports continues in Los Angeles, Houston and Savannah, Georgia, some corporations like Goal are chartering smaller ships which can be being rerouted to smaller, much less busy ports just like the Packer Avenue Marine Terminal in Philadelphia.

“We’re seeing record volumes,” stated Sean Mahoney of the Philadelphia Regional Port Authority. “In August, we saw the most containers that the port has ever handled. Over 70,000 containers came in the month of August.”

However one other problem is having the ability to discover sufficient truck drivers to ship the products to warehouses. That is why the Philadelphia Regional Port Authority had to clear a 30-acre web site to store cargo containers till they are often unloaded.

“We got some work still to do, but we’re seeing record volumes, and we’re working through it,” stated Mahoney.

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These challenges are fueling empty cabinets on the grocery store and different retailers.

“The problems are really only getting worse with supply chains,” stated Adam Kamins of Moody’s Analytics.

“That is a big part of the story, that there’s not enough dock workers, not enough drivers and there’s been a surge in demand for e-commerce in particular,” stated Kamins.

Motion Information has discovered that President Biden will likely be assembly with the heads of some main ports on Wednesday to handle the issues.

In accordance to the White House, Biden can also be planning to meet with the heads of main firms about how they’ll ramp up operations to guarantee the vacation season just isn’t threatened by these supply chain issues.

Doug Baker, with the Meals Business Affiliation, has some ideas to assist shoppers.

“Don’t buy any more than you need, plan out your meals, and again, if you see it while you’re in the store now, go ahead and get it. Don’t wait until next month,” stated Baker.

Baker provides that there will likely be loads of objects in shops, however possibly not precisely what you’re used to getting.

When would possibly issues get higher?

“We don’t anticipate seeing any real relief until the end of next year,” stated Baker.

“There’s a lot of price pressure in the economy right now and that probably will continue at least through the end of the year and into next year,” stated Kamins.