December 8, 2021

Golden State Warrior Kevon Looney takes over as principal at Westlake Middle School in Oakland for the day

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) — Golden State Warrior Kevon Looney stood in as principal for the day at Westlake Middle School in Oakland Friday morning as a part of the Warriors Again to School in the Bay program.

“I never thought I’d be a principal! Excited to be one for the day and share this with the kids,” Looney stated.

He turned out to be a really arms on principal.

Looney ran in a relay with children throughout a P.E. class, sat in a pupil desk in an eighth grade class throughout a quiz and made the morning bulletins, all whereas carrying a masks that displayed Principal Looney.

He additionally confronted a panel of a couple of dozen college students who requested him questions like ‘Are you able to educate me easy methods to dunk?’ and ‘What’s observe like?’ He then took footage with the children.

“It felt good, like I was at a monster truck rally and the trucks do a lot of tricks- it felt like that,” eighth grader Khamari Williams stated of getting Looney at his college.

ABC7 requested Looney if there have been any modifications he want to make as principal for the day, like including mushy drinks to the merchandising machine.

“Definitely some hot flaming or chips in the vending machines would be my thing, and get out of school early. That would be my two first changes,” he stated laughing.

However in seriousness, he stated he actually hoped to move alongside a constructive message to the children.

“Enjoy school. School is a special time in life and make a lot of friends, enjoy these journeys and meeting with people. I had a lot of mentors growing up who helped me get to where I am today and I’ll never forget that,” he stated.

The Warriors Again to School in the Bay program has additionally included again pack and faculty provide giveaways.