December 8, 2021

COVID-19: 120,000 vaccinated residents in this CA county left without CDC cards, and officials have no plans to replace them

FOSTER CITY, Calif. (KGO) — Day-after-day, extra companies and venues are requiring proof of COVID-19 vaccinations.

Now it is develop into a difficulty for hundreds who received their pictures at a mass vaccination web site in San Mateo County. The county did not give them the correct Facilities for Illness Management (CDC) vaccination playing cards. As an alternative, they gave out photocopies.

After our first report aired, a number of viewers tried to commerce their photocopies for an actual CDC card. Just a few have been ready to get one however after a flood of requests, the county is not swapping them out anymore. Now people say they’re frightened they do not have that universally-accepted vaccine proof.

7 On Your Facet first advised you about Jane Bertelsen of Foster Metropolis, who received her COVID-19 pictures on the San Mateo County Occasion Heart.

As an alternative of getting a CDC vaccine card, she acquired photocopies of a card on two sheets of paper. “8-1/2 by 11. It’s just Xerox paper. I thought everything was fine, business as usual.”

Till she booked a cruise, which required proof of vaccination. Bertelsen requested if these copies would work.

“And they’re saying, ‘No, that won’t do at all, you have to have the CDC card, we will not take a photocopy of the card on a piece of copy paper,'” Bertelsen mentioned.

“Well in that case, all 100,000 of us who got a paper are out of luck,” mentioned Bruce Hegedus of San Mateo.

“I thought, ‘Wait a minute, that’s gonna be a problem,” mentioned Kent Lue of Union Metropolis.

“So that’s why I tried to get the real copy,” mentioned Pauline Bischoff of Los Altos Hills.

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Seems San Mateo county gave out photocopies to 120,000 different folks too.

After listening to Bertelsen’s story, many requested the county to swap the copies for an actual CDC card.

“And they said we’re not giving out cards. And I thought to myself, whoa,” mentioned Hegedus.

“They just said, ‘No we’re not doing it, and if you have a problem let us know,'” mentioned Lue.

Pauline Bischoff had a little bit extra luck. She introduced her paper copy to a clinic that administered a few of the pictures.

“And she didn’t look very happy and just kind of looked at me and then said, ‘Okay, this is — you’re going to be the last one I’m going to do this for. And you don’t tell anybody about this,'” Bischoff recounted.

The clinic copied Bischoff’s data onto a CDC card, however has stopped doing so for others.

7 On Your Facet helped Bertelsen get a card from the county, however there may be no plan to replace all of the others.

San Mateo County Supervisor Mike Callagy says the county adopted all state tips. And early on, the copies appeared higher than a CDC card.

“Right now it would be too difficult to go back to 120,000 people and redo their cards. People have to understand we’re still in the middle of a pandemic, where resources are stretched so thin, we’re focused on battling COVID-19,” Callagy mentioned.

“We actually put them on a larger piece of paper, stock paper, in order so that we could put other information on the back, like when your next appointment was, some of the things to watch out for, some of the reactions that could occur. So we felt it was important for all that information to be in one place for individuals, which obviously the CDC cards don’t have. Little did we know that later on, that they would be needed for a different purpose,” he continued.

Of us say, early on, they weren’t involved about proof both.

“At the time, nobody cared, it didn’t matter. We just wanted to get our shots as soon as we could,” mentioned Lue.

“I didn’t know, I was so excited because I was able to get the vaccine,” mentioned Bischoff.

“I think most people were just thrilled to be able to get the vaccine out as quickly as possible and save lives. And that’s what we were really focused on was saving lives,” mentioned Callagy.

Officials emphasize everybody can obtain their vaccine proof from the state’s web site. However typically the data is fallacious or incomplete.

“The lot number for my Pfizer isn’t on there,” mentioned Lue.

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Kent Lue and others discovered the state file would not present lot numbers or vaccination web site. Locations like Hawaii require all that data on a customer’s vaccine proof.

“I’ve seen immigration officials reject documents. You really need that CDC card,” mentioned journey skilled Stewart Chiron.

Nonetheless, the state file is broadly accepted for native use like eating places and occasion halls.

And Callagy mentioned the county will subject a CDC card to those that present it is important for journey.

“But then it will be too late. I don’t want to wait till a problem happens,” mentioned Lue.

“I’d like to have it so that when things do calm down, then you know we can travel,” agreed Bruce Hegedus.

The excellent news is San Mateo will give CDC playing cards if and when people get their third “booster” shot. And so they can listing the primary pictures on there as effectively. For now the county will think about requests if a card is important for journey.

For many who received their vaccinations on the San Mateo County Occasion Heart, and who didn’t get an official CDC card, requests for playing cards could be despatched to the San Mateo County Division of Public Well being at [email protected]. Be prepared to say why your deliberate journey or exercise requires the cardboard.

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