December 8, 2021

CDC study finds unvaccinated California teacher infected 22 elementary school students with coronavirus

MARIN COUNTY, Calif. (KGO) — A Marin County elementary school is the main focus of a brand new CDC study.

An unvaccinated teacher infected over a dozen students and a few of their dad and mom, based on this study.

It was Might 2021, the school 12 months was ending and Marin County was on the cusp of reaching a milestone with the best vaccination charge within the nation.

A month earlier than that milestone was reached, a COVID-19 outbreak at a school occurred.

“We had someone let their guard down,” mentioned Mary Jane Burke, Marin County Superintendent of Colleges.

Friday, the CDC revealed a study offering perception right into a COVID-19 outbreak at an un-named elementary school in Marin County. It reveals 22 students had been infected with COVID by an unvaccinated teacher.

“An unvaccinated person and someone who took their mask off to read to children occasionally. If this wasn’t Delta we wouldn’t have seen this outbreak event,” mentioned Dr. Lisa Santora, Marin County Deputy Public Well being Officer.

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The lead creator of this paper is Marin County public well being epidemiologist Tracy Lam Hine.

“Students that were sitting in front of the classroom closer to the teacher were at higher risk, and we noticed that the infection in the students started to appear quite quickly right afterwards,” mentioned Tracy Lam-Hine.

Lam-Hine says contact tracing led them to the teacher and confirmed that although this group of students had been too younger to get vaccinated they weren’t severely sick.

“The most common report of symptoms were fever or headache and a cough,” mentioned Lam-Hine.

Marin County Deputy Public Well being Officer says this outbreak offered among the first indicators that Delta was totally different and breakthrough instances had been taking place.

“Some of the parents who got sick were asymptomatic, they were vaccinated, asymptomatic and just got tested and found out they positive,” mentioned Dr. Lisa Santora and added,

In accordance with Marin County’s school district, out of 6,000 school workers members, near 200 are unvaccinated.

To work at a school they need to put on a masks indoors and get examined a minimum of as soon as per week, however vaccines should not mandated.

Luz Pena: “Do you believe teachers should be mandated to get vaccinated?”

Mary Jane Burke: “I do, I do.”

Marin County Superintendent of Colleges says this outbreak is making them look into the opportunity of mandating vaccines.

“It very likely could be that you won’t be able to continue working with children without being fully vaccinated,” mentioned Mary Jane Burke.

The Deputy Public Well being Officer says mandating academics to get vaccinate isn’t a part of their plan.

“When everyone is wearing their masks indoors and outdoors, when the staff are fully vaccinated. When people are staying at home when they are sick. We don’t see school based transmission,” mentioned Dr. Santora