October 16, 2021

Buffalo Mozzarella – ABC7 San Francisco

Salisbury, NC — “This is the original mozzarella, and it can only be made with buffalo milk,” says Fading D Farm co-proprietor David DiLoreto. Alongside along with his spouse, Faythe DiLoreto, they have been working their Italian Mediterranean Buffalo creamery since January 2016. To not be confused with the American bison, their 64-acre Rowan County-based mostly water buffalo farm is one in every of solely a handful in North America.

Their love of conventional mozzarella started in 2011 after a household journey to their ancestral house in Italy. Upon their return to the States, they found that there have been solely 5 producers of the cheese within the nation and none remotely near North Carolina. Since mozzarella di bufala, because it’s recognized in Italy, is meant to be consumed contemporary, they have been unable to seek out the cheese they got here to like. Undeterred, they determined they’d make it themselves. With their children leaving house and the couple searching for a brand new solution to spend time collectively, the DiLoretos started what would develop into their life as cheesemakers.

Whereas mozzarella in america is nearly completely made utilizing cow’s milk, this cheese continues to be produced nationwide in Italy utilizing Italian buffalo dairy. Certainly, if you happen to have been to purchase what we all know in America to be mozzarella, in Europe it could be bought as fior di latte. It’s because within the European Union the phrase mozzarella can solely be used if the cheese is made with buffalo milk.

As David DiLoreto explains, American-made mozzarella is a misnomer: “Mozzarella originated in southern Italy, when those Italians started milking those buffalo and making cheese from it … only centuries later when mozzarella became well-loved, (did) people start making it from cow’s milk.”

Mozzarella would be the focus for this couple, however they produce an entire assortment of merchandise from their buffalo herd, together with gelato, butter, cleaning soap, meat, and most significantly, milk. Not solely is it the idea for many of their merchandise, however buffalo milk has additionally been acknowledged as being sweeter than cow’s milk and simpler to digest. Nonetheless, if you happen to ask the DiLoretos, its most distinguishing issue is the distinction in taste. Whereas your common cow’s milk might solely comprise 3 to 4 % butterfat, their notably thicker buffalo milk is upward of 8 to 11 %.

For these comparatively new farmers, one of many largest rewards is with the ability to introduce their love of actual mozzarella to a public that seldom will get to expertise the true factor. As David DiLoreto put it, “It’s gratifying, you get a great product out, (and) you get people who come and try your product and are happy with it — that’s the gratification.”

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