September 27, 2021

Brazil: intestinal obstruction for Jair Bolsonaro, risk of emergency operation

Hospitalized in Brasilia, Wednesday July 14, Jair Bolsonaro suffers from an intestinal obstruction and will be transferred to Sao Paulo, announced the presidency.

‘The doctor responsible for the operations undergone by the President of the Republic after the 2018 attack found an intestinal obstruction and decided to transfer him to Sao Paulo, where he will do additional examinations to assess the need, or not, of a emergency surgery, ‘the presidency said in a statement.

The head of state was admitted to the Armed Forces hospital overnight due to a persistent hiccup attack for more than ten days.

The Brazilian president, 66, has been operated on several times in the past two years after suffering intestinal perforations in a stabbing attack in September 2018, during the campaign for the presidential election.

The far-right leader had mentioned these hiccup problems for more than a week, after an operation for the placement of a dental implant.

‘I have had the hiccups for five days. It has happened to me before, maybe it’s because of the drugs I’m taking, I have hiccups 24 hours a day, ” he revealed Thursday during his weekly Facebook feed.

In July 2020, he had been infected with Covid-19 but had only felt mild symptoms.