September 19, 2021

Bay Area art collective creates large-scale origami art for the world to enjoy

DANVILLE; Calif. — A brief art set up is making the city of Danville a little bit brighter this summer time.

Bay Area art collective, FoldHaus, may have their large-scale origami art work “Shrumen Lumen” on show by means of Labor Day.

“Our work is inspired by nature,” stated Jesse Silver, Artist of FoldHaus. “We always take that cue and blow it out of proportion a little bit.”

Shrumen Lumen is an art show of kinetic mushrooms stuffed with LED Lights and broaden up to14 ft.

“We’re a collective, we all come together to build these crazy pieces of art and come from all different communities and build towards a central purpose,” stated Silver. “It takes a lot of different skills to make these pieces. We have electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, (and) we have people writing custom software to do the show controls for the motion and the lights.”

Most of FoldHaus art work is made with corrugated plastic, aluminum, metal, LED lights, and extra.

FoldHaus initially created their art for Burning Man, an annual occasion held in Black Rock Desert, Nevada.

“It has to be able to survive fairly strong winds. We design this (Shrumen Lumen) to survive a desert environment where the wind might be blowing 60-70 miles an hour,” stated Silver. “We also choose this material because light shines through it in a very beautiful way. It diffuses the light. So, when it gets darker the entire material kind of lights up and all of the folds create these beautiful gradients of color.”

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Everybody who works on a FoldHaus art piece, volunteers their time and abilities.

Up to fifty individuals have labored on one-single art piece to carry the imaginative and prescient collectively.

“I think the biggest learning from all of our pieces is that if you have a community that is interested in making a vision come true, and you just sort of pursue it step-by-step. You actually can make anything that you imagine,” stated Silver. “If you are all just committed to the vision and have a passion for it. You can just make it happen.”

In the previous seven years, FoldHaus’ art work has been displayed in museums and music festivals throughout the world.

“We could have never imagined that our pieces would end up in museums and end up travelling the world,” stated Silver. “It really creates this sense of joy for all of us to watch people be delighted by our art. There’s this great sense of joy in being able to accomplish these things together and really we do this because its fun for us.”

Shrumen Lumen is quickly displayed in Downtown Danville by means of Labor Day. Take a look at the illuminated mushrooms in entrance of the Village Theatre and the Danville Library.

For extra info, go to the FoldHaus web site.

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