September 20, 2021

BART investigating after woman dies from being dragged by train at SF Powell Station

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — BART officers reopened Powell Road Station in San Francisco Monday night following a demise on the tracks.

As of 5:35 p.m., Powell Road Station was reopening although a significant delay existed systemwide, officers mentioned.

“It was pretty traumatic,” mentioned East Bay resident, Mike Sim, who was making an attempt to move house on BART after work, when he noticed an individual caught on the train.

“It passed by my feet and I turned to the left and I could see this thing getting dragged all the way down the platform, so I was like what is that?”

Sim referred to as BART and police for assist and mentioned he spoke to a person on the platform who was hysterical and mentioned the particular person was his girlfriend. “It was pretty grotesque because all the way down the platform, on that yellow bumpy portion of the platform, where people are supposed to stand behind, there was a blood stain about an inch and a half wide all the way down.”

“Currently we have investigators reviewing, they were on the site immediately, making sure all procedures were followed and to try to understand what the circumstances were that happened today,” defined Bevan Dufty, a BART director in San Francisco, who added, “as a director from BART, I just want to say how devastated we are about this loss of life.”

BART has made clear this was not a suicide.