September 19, 2021

America Strong: Lincoln University professor goes viral for holding student’s baby during class

LINCOLN UNIVERSITY, Pennsylvania — The story of how a Lincoln University faculty professor ended up holding a baby during class was life-changing for a 21-year-old scholar who was lastly capable of take notes.

“I’ve always wanted to go to an HBCU. So, I decided what’s better than the first, so I chose Lincoln,” mentioned Imani Lamarr, who’s now a senior on the Pennsylvania college.

Two years in the past, she was taking a class with Dr. Aqeel Dix within the well being sciences division.

She had simply come again to highschool from taking a semester off after giving beginning to her son prematurely. Lamarr’s son needed to spend months within the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

“It was really hard. Every day going to the hospital, seeing him and not being able to help him, it was hard,” Lamarr recalled.

Christopher Murphy, who Lamarr had named for her father, had change into her world and her schedule revolved round his.

When she instructed Dix she needed to miss class as a result of she could not discover a babysitter, his reply was no.

“‘No.’ He told me no. And I was just looking at him like, no I can’t miss class? I don’t have nobody to watch my baby,” she mentioned.

“I’m not going to have one of my students miss my class because they have no one to watch their child. That’s just not an option for me,” mentioned Dix.

As an alternative, he instructed her to carry her son to highschool.

“That’s my character. I don’t mind helping my students wherever they need me,” he mentioned.

Lamarr had reservations about bringing her baby to class. How would he react? Would he be a distraction to different college students? Would she be capable to focus? However when Dix began lecturing, one thing modified for Lamarr, she realized she might do that.

“I never thought that it would come to that, and to have somebody who’s there for me…who really cares and genuinely wants to me finish and finish strong, it meant a lot,” she mentioned.

Lamarr is now a couple of months from graduating and he or she has two of her favourite guys, her mentor, and her now wholesome 2-year-old son to thank.

“You really don’t understand how much this meant to me,” she mentioned.