November 30, 2021

Alameda County Fair is finally back, but atmospheric river arrives this weekend

PLEASANTON, Calif. (KGO) — The Alameda County Fair was cancelled twice in two years over COVID-19 considerations, and now it is up in opposition to an atmospheric river of rain. So on Friday evening, the primary evening of the honest, individuals had been benefiting from a break within the storm.

“I have to have that sausage right there, that’s the one I want right there,” exclaimed Pleasanton resident, Tim Kirk.

A polish sausage, corndog, curly fries – there’s nothing new in regards to the county honest, but as Kirk says, that is the purpose.

“Look at all this nostalgia,” he stated, “I haven’t been to the fair in forever, so it’s good to come back to the fair. It’s been a long, long time.”

A break within the storm and COVID circumstances, means the Alameda County Fair is again after a two-year pandemic pause.

Kate Larsen: “Have you missed this fair?”

Itzel Delacruz: “Yeah, yeah I have! It’s been so long since I felt normal basically.”

Fremont resident, Itzel Delacruz, has been coming to the Alameda County Fair since she was a child, and she or he is aware of a factor or two about gaming the video games.

“They all have little tricks here and there,” she defined, “the most easy one has to be the balloon dart one, that one’s pretty easy.”

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Gala’s sometimes happen over the summer season, but COVID considerations pushed Alameda’s again to October, when the Bay Space is normally flush with heat climate, not every week straight of rain.

“We’re lucky we got a good window because it was raining all day but we had to flip the coin and say why not, let’s just go out and do it, because if we wait it’s probably going to rain some more,” stated San Leandro resident, Latoya Bryant.

Bryant is proper – since an atmospheric river of rain is forecast for Sunday.

“We currently don’t have plans to close the fair,” stated Tiffany Cadrette with the Alameda County Fairgrounds.

Cadrette says trip inspectors are always evaluating security circumstances. “We’re monitoring everything, if things were to become unsafe, we would certainly activate a plan and pivot and change our course at that point.”

Monster Canine supervisor, Willian Von Pertz, depends on the honest circuit for his revenue, so shedding that through the pandemic was robust and peculiar….

“We have worked some crazy events. We went to a prison at one time in Fresno.”

But Von Pertz is not going to let a bit of… or rather a lot… of rain damage his parade (the road of shoppers at his meals stand). “It is a letdown, but you can’t let that dampen your spirits. We still have today, we still have tomorrow.”

One canine, trip and dart at a time.