September 19, 2021

Abstract artist creates business making one of a kind backdrops

Merced, CA — As you stroll as much as Jessica Raye Dekker’s studio, you will discover the speckles of paint on the driveway and trashcans close by. “Before we renovated our garage, I’d paint in the driveway and I’d always seem to paint on Tuesdays, which was trash day,” recounts Dekker. “So I’d be painting when the trash was the most full. So when people see my studio, I hope they know I haven’t had this the whole time and I’ve been literally painting with trash and toddlers running around.”

Dekker owns JRD Artwork Store, the place she creates one of a kind backdrops and styling mattes for photographers and different creatives. Every bit is hand-painted by her. “I started selling my abstract art in 2016. Then a local photographer came to me to ask if I could create something like that but on a larger scale, like 8 feet by 12 feet. I thought, yeah I could do that!”

Over the course of a month, Dekker paints mattes and backdrops of completely different sizes and colours, taking polls on her Instagram web page to gauge curiosity. Then as soon as a month, she launces her assortment on the market on her web site Her creations have rapidly change into some of essentially the most sought out backdrops and equipment within the images business. As for individuals who would possibly go straight to the massive field shops to get their backdrops, Dekker says “there’s a depth and dimension to something that’s original, that you just can’t get when you print. There’s texture and layers that come to life behind a camera and you just can’t replicate that.”

Though Dekker’s artwork is her ardour, she hopes that being a keep at residence mother that additionally makes time for her business, conjures up different girls to make time for themselves doing one thing they love. “I’ve fought the feelings of is this selfish of me? To have a babysitter so I can have time to paint and do something I love? It’s not selfish, it’s taking care of myself. If I’m not putting myself first, like I do with my family, what am I offering to my family as a mom, as a wife? It’s very important for me to show up as the mom I want to be and the wife I want to be.”

However most of all, she needs her artwork to be a means of connection. “It’s so much more than art. It’s so much more than a business. It’s being able to truly connect with people.”

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