September 19, 2021

COVID-19: a third wave hits the African continent

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The balance sheet which continues to grow in South Africa. 117 dead, mainly in Kwazulu-Natal, most of them as a result of jostling and looting. The country fears shortages, the army is deployed to avoid the rampages. We will question Thierry Vircoulon, political analyst, on the origins of this violence.

Morocco is gradually starting to find its tourists. Because of the Covid-19, the sector which represents approximately 7% of the GDP recorded a loss of more than 4 billion euros in 2020. To attract holidaymakers, professionals have deployed great means, with exceptional promotions. But the recovery is dependent on the evolution of the pandemic in the country. However, since the beginning of the month there has been an upsurge in cases of contamination. Report by Jean-Marie Lemaire