November 30, 2021

A message to Ramaphosa about the controversial new change for South Africa’s NHI

Commerce union Solidarity has despatched a letter to president Cyril Ramaphosa warning about sections 36 to 40 of the Nationwide Well being Act, which can pave the manner for introducing a Nationwide Well being Insurance coverage (NHI) scheme.

When it comes to the new laws, all healthcare practitioners should apply for a ‘certificate of need’ that can allow them to follow. Following this, healthcare practitioners will then be prescribed the place and the way they could follow.

Solidarity stated that the provisions of those sections and any resultant laws are unconstitutional and unlawfully encroach upon the rights of healthcare practitioners.

“The proposed provisions are extremely worrying and are obviously unconstitutional on various grounds,” stated Henru Krüger, head of the Medical Guild at Solidarity.

“Instead of broadening access to health care, this scheme will increase distrust between practitioners and the state to the detriment of all South African citizens.”

Kruger stated the provisions are additionally irrational and with none logical hyperlink to the alleged goals.

A certificates of want may also critically encroach upon the rights of our medical employees to train their career in accordance to their very own discretion, he stated.

“Our health personnel are also citizens and also have rights. They are not merely assets of the state that may be allocated according to the government’s preferences.”

Paving the manner for the NHI 

Solidarity argues that the proposed scheme is a type of expropriation of medical personnel’s property at the value of each the practitioners and people at present utilizing their providers.

“It is inconceivable that the government, owing to its inability to maintain its own institutions, now wishes to simply take over the facilities and staff of the private sector,” Krüger stated.

“Furthermore, it means that anyone currently using these services will be deprived of their own vested access to healthcare. Instead of widening access to healthcare, these provisions are simply going to make us an even sicker country.”

Solidarity stated it’s keen to take this case additional and believes this may turn out to be a watershed case in litigation regarding the proposed Nationwide Well being Insurance coverage (NHI) and the accompanying looting of tax cash.

“The target of those provisions is clearly to pave the manner for the NHI and additional looting of tax cash.

“The government wishes to move to a system where all healthcare practitioners will become servants of the state. We cannot allow this. There is no justification for this restriction of their constitutional rights, and we are ready to challenge it in court,” Krüger stated.

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